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In every career field there are those who’s brilliant minds shine above the rest.
Case in point, Jeremiah L. Byerley. Mr. Byerley’s vast experience and innovate mind has contributed
greatly to a number of companies over the last 12 years ranging from entertainment to
some of the most advanced technology companies around the world.

Early in his career Mr. Byerley created the first music sales website for Virgin / EMI.
Based on his innovation he was brought in by the VP of World Bank to head a
technology division of the groundbreaking company AnySoft, Inc.

Focusing on VOIP, Jeremiah connected satellite offices in Boston, Israel & Russia. Next Mr.
Byerley contracted as a Technical Consultant for IBM / Lotus, helped found the Interactive
Television company IDI, Inc and then served as the CTO for the highly successful online
training company

Mr. Byerley is currently a private consultant for education & small business in Santa Barbara, CA