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Author/Consultant Jeremiah L. Byerley
Hello! I am Jeremiah Byerley, NewTek NDI developer, technical consultant, author & former CTO. Working for companies such as Higher Octave Music, EMI, Activision, IDIMedia (Blaylock & Company), Anysoft and a contributor for online syndication company Storyful.

Enjoy the articles, tutorials and curated selections.

iMessage For Android: How to Get It And Use It

How To › Android iMessage For Android: How to Get It And Use It Share Pin Email Print   Android Tips & Tricks Basics Guides & Tutorials Installing & Upgrading Key Concepts Samsung Quick Tips By Sam Costello Writer Sam Costello has been writing about tech since 2000. His writing has appeared in publications such […]

NDI – NewTek’s video revolution

Video has moved to the network! NewTek’s NDI (Network Device Interface) is quickly becoming the new standard for video professionals.…

Add SSDs, Wi-Fi and more to your NUC, laptop or other small computer with M.2

Your small computer or laptop may be upgradable with an M.2 slot. Many machine have one of these ports for…

Feeling extra out of focus? It might be related to mental health.

We are in a pandemic and mental health has become a part of the conversation. If you are feeling extra…

How to sync your Apple and Google calendars to end scheduling woes

Having Google and Apple calendar scan be daunting to keep track of. Which appointments are where? With a few steps…

Fixed: Resetting a Logitech bluetooth keyboard

I've had a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard for a few years, it got stuck paired to a device and it basically…

Mount an FTP server as a hard drive on Linux

Having your server mounted as a local hard drive makes editing files easy. This is great for transferring files from…

Google’s AI And Deep Learning Researcher Warns About AI-Fueled ‘Mass Population Control’ [Opinion]

Data is capital. Technologists and privacy advocates have been warning about – and campaining against – the prevailing, arguably exponentially growing, tendency of state-aided and private companies to mine, gather, repackage, and monetize user data. Probably the biggest story of the week, a saga that has occupied the headlines of media outlets worldwide – the […]

How to Transfer Saved Password from Google Chrome to Safari

Like most other popular browsers Google Chrome stores saved passwords. This is one of the most useful features that a web browser can have for a variety of reasons like automatically signing you into your favorite websites or allowing you to transfer your passwords into other browsers without much fuss. There are a lot of […]

How to use a mouse with an iPad

The iPad can support a mouse, I find this really handy for browsing the web and Microsoft office.