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Hello! I am Jeremiah Byerley, a technical consultant, author & former CTO. Working for companies such as Higher Octave Music, EMI, Activision, IDIMedia (Blaylock & Company), Anysoft and a contributor for online syndication company, Storyful, I have unique insight in today’s technology.
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Mount Remote FTP Server Folder as Local Directory on Linux / Ubuntu / Debian / Raspberry / Raspbian

Mount Remote FTP Server Folder as Local Directory on Linux / Ubuntu / Debian / Raspberry / Raspbian 2019-11-16 by Gábor Hargitai 1 min read Have a remote FTP server directory mounted locally is pretty convenient for cross-server copying. It could also come in handy if you would like to copy content from your NAS […]

gotop: Graphical System Monitor For The Command Line

gotop is a terminal-based (TUI) system monitor for Linux and macOS. The software is inspired by gtop and vtop, but while these 2 utilities use Node.js, gotop is written in Go. The command line tool supports mouse clicking and scrolling, comes with vi-keys, and it displays the CPU, memory and network usage history using colored […]

Resetting the Logitech bluetooth keyboard

Resetting the Logitech bluetooth keyboard The Logitech K810 has been my favorite keyboard for many years. I have one at home and one in the office. It allows to easily switch between 3 different devices. It has the same size and layout as most notebooks, is stylish, and a blast to type. But one day […]

How to Sync Google Calendar With iPhone Calendar

By Heinz Tschabitscher Early in the history of the iPhone, syncing Google Calendar with the iPhone Calendar app was an involved process, but current versions of iOS support Google accounts without any extra fiddling. Adding your Google Calendar events to the iOS Calendar app requires just a handful of taps. Apple’s iOS operating system supports […]

OpenVPN vs IPSec, WireGuard, L2TP, & IKEv2 (VPN Protocols 2020)

What are VPN protocols and why do you need to understand the different options? With most VPN providers offering a variety of VPN protocols to choose from, it is good to know the pros and cons of these different options so you can select the best fit for your unique needs. In this guide we […]

iMessage For Android: How to Get It And Use It

How To › Android iMessage For Android: How to Get It And Use It Share Pin Email Print   Android Tips & Tricks Basics Guides & Tutorials Installing & Upgrading Key Concepts Samsung Quick Tips By Sam Costello Writer Sam Costello has been writing about tech since 2000. His writing has appeared in publications such […]

Google’s AI And Deep Learning Researcher Warns About AI-Fueled ‘Mass Population Control’ [Opinion]

Data is capital. Technologists and privacy advocates have been warning about – and campaining against – the prevailing, arguably exponentially growing, tendency of state-aided and private companies to mine, gather, repackage, and monetize user data. Probably the biggest story of the week, a saga that has occupied the headlines of media outlets worldwide – the […]

Watch a Drone Take Over a Nearby Smart TV

For all the focus on locking down laptops and smartphones, the biggest screen in millions of living rooms remains largely unsecured, even after years of warnings. Smart TVs today can fall prey to any number of hacker tricks—including one still-viable radio attack, stylishly demonstrated by a hovering drone. At the Defcon hacker conference today, independent […]

How to Transfer Saved Password from Google Chrome to Safari

Like most other popular browsers Google Chrome stores saved passwords. This is one of the most useful features that a web browser can have for a variety of reasons like automatically signing you into your favorite websites or allowing you to transfer your passwords into other browsers without much fuss. There are a lot of […]