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Jeremiah Byerley is a technical consultant & author who helps individuals and businesses develop the confidence and habits they need to be competitive in the information age. Jeremiah has unique insight in California’s South Coast working for companies such as Santa Barbara’s Higher Octave Music and Ojai’s Lynda.com with a wealth of international experience consulting for EMI, Activision, IDIMedia (Blaylock & Company), Anysoft and a contributor for online syndication company, Storyful. The news & tutorials on this site feature articles written by Mr. Byerley and curated selections. For consultations requests, please contact Jeremiah.

7 pro tips to improve your WordPress site

Keep it clean As a WordPress user, you should always try to keep your dashboard clean. The dashboard below is ‘dirty’ – so we will approve the comment and update the plugin to make it clean once again. This means you should: Keep your WordPress core up to date manually or using the auto-update feature. […]

James Gunn Back On as ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ Director

In a remarkable turn of events, Disney has reinstated James Gunn as director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Disney fired Gunn in July 2018, after old, offensive tweets from the filmmaker were resurfaced by conservative personalities online. The firing was controversial, with Guardians of the Galaxy stars including Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley […]

A short history of IBM keyboards with trackpoints

I am a Thinkpad enthusiast. The hardware on these devices made Windows a pleasure to work with, I came across a few pictures of these early IBM track-point keyboards and I had to share! IBM Model M13 black version with buckling springs IBM SpaceSaver II with gripping rubber domes IBM KPD8923 Keyboard, 104-Key Trackpoint with […]

Captain Marvel Xbox One X Console Being Given Away By Microsoft

Higher, futher, faster, more. By Steve Watts on March 8, 2019 at 8:16AM Captain Marvel is out now, and Microsoft is marking the occasion with a special console giveaway. You can enter a sweepstakes to win an Xbox One X with a custom paint job modeled after the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. […]

Jonathan Frakes Confirms He Is Directing On Star Trek Picard Show, Says ‘Lower Decks’ Is Hysterical

Star Trek: The Next Generation veteran actor and director Jonathan Frakes has revealed some new things about his future on the franchise, his assessment of the expanding Star Trek universe, and what it is like shooting an episode of Star Trek: Discovery. Frakes focused on directing sci-fi, including Picard show Jonathan Frakes was a guest on this […]

Google Partners With UCSB To Build Quantum Processors For Artificial Intelligence

Google today announced that it is expanding its research around quantum computing and that it has hired UC Santa Barbara’s (UCSB) John Martinis and his team — one of the most prolific research groups in this area — to work on new quantum processors based on superconducting electronics. Researchers in Martinis’ lab were among the […]

Criminal groups are offering $360000 salaries to accomplices who can help them scam CEOs about their porn-watching habits

Scammers are claiming to hack people's webcams and access footage of them watching porn as part of a terrifying new…

Installing Windows 10 on an external USB drive on a Macbook

The use of propriety SSD’s on MacBooks limits the amount of space to dual boot Windows and MacOS on the…

Patrick Stewart Says New Star Trek Show Will Be Binge-Worthy

Pumped to return for a very different Star Trek In many interviews, Stewart has talked about his initial reluctance to return to the role, but as production nears (in mid-April), the actor is expressing more and more enthusiasm. In an interview with the Empire Podcast Stewart took this to a new level, saying: I don’t think anything […]

Apple releasing ‘all-new’ 16-inch MacBook Pro and 32-inch 6K monitor this year, says report

It’s going to be a big year for new Mac hardware Apple is planning an “all-new” MacBook Pro design for this year, well-connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said in a research note obtained by MacRumors. The lineup is reportedly led by a model with a screen of between 16 and 16.5 inches, which would make […]