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How to Transfer Saved Password from Google Chrome to Safari & Firefox

Like most other popular browsers Google Chrome stores saved passwords. This is one of the most useful features that a web browser can have for a variety of reasons like automatically signing you into your favorite websites or allowing you to transfer your passwords into other browsers without much fuss. There are a lot of […]

Jeremiah’s mini lasagna recipe

All from Trader Joes: One jar Tomato basil marinara One bag quarto formaggio Box of oven baked Lasagna noodles Broccoli…

Installing Windows 10 on an external USB drive on a Macbook

The use of propriety SSD’s on MacBooks limits the amount of space to dual boot Windows and MacOS on the…

How to use a mouse with an iPad

The iPad can support a mouse, I find this really handy for browsing the web and Microsoft office.