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A lot of us are tied to Google’s and Apple’s calendaring systems. Having both, it can be tough to keep track of where appointments were entered. It’s possible to sync your Google and Apple calendars to have scheduling piece of mind.

  1. Open ‘Settings’ on iPhone
  2. On the bottom, look for ‘Add Account’, choose Google.
  3. Type in your gmail address and password. It may ask to approve linking your Google calendar to the iPhone through your gmail app.
  4. Press ‘Next’, for now, select only calendar.
  5. Press ‘Save’, first sync could take several minutes.
  6. Open the Apple Calendar app on your iPhone
  7. Look on the lower portion of the screen and touch ‘Calendars’ to see all the Calendars on your phone. The list will show ALL of your Google calendars.
  8. Select the calendars you’d like displayed in Calendar apps.

Certain Google calendaring features are only available on the google app or, room scheduling, event notification, creating new calendars. Multiple Google accounts can be sync between to your main Apple calendar. The calendars sync both ways, by adding in Apple calendars, it will show up in Google calendars.