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Having Google and Apple calendar scan be daunting to keep track of. Which appointments are where? With a few steps you can sync your Google and Apple calendars and live in perfect calendaring bliss! 

  1. Open “Settings” on iPhone
  2. On the bottom, you should see “Add Account”, choose Google.
  3. Enter your Google info. It may ask you go log into your gmail to approve linking your Google calendar to the iPhone. Go to if it asks for authentication.
  4. After pressing “Next”, you will see the types of data to link with your Apple accounts. Select only calendar.
  5. Press “Save”, the first sync could take a few minutes.
  6. Open your Apple Calendar app
  7. Look on the lower portion of the screen and touch “Calendars” to see all the Calendars on your phone. The list will show ALL of your Google calendars.
  8. Select the calendars you’d like displayed in Calendar app.


Room scheduling, event notification, creating Google calendars are only available from the Google app or website. You can add multiple Google accounts and sync between each account to your main Apple calendar. The calendars sync both ways, so if you add in Apple calendars, it will show up in Google calendars. Super groovy.

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