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With 1 in 3 Americans being asked to “shelter in place”, it’s creating distance from our friends and family. According to projections, this may go til end-of-summer. Technology can go along way with making safe connections between people until this blows over. Along with communication, technology can be used to get some back-to-work during this downtime. Call forwarding and remote access to an office can put someone to work in their own home.

Here is a list of technical tips to help us make it though this crisis:

1. Pick the same messaging application to communicate to those closest to you. If it’s text it’s text, if it’s Facebook it’s Facebook. Make sure everyone is in the loop and understands how to use the messaging application. This is particularly good for creating safety in isolation.

2. Why not try video chat on Facebook, Skype or iMessage with your friends? Most laptops, phones and tablets have cameras built in. Facebook video chat is simple to use, works on andriod and iphone and can have more than one person on the video stream! Video chat gives the over a feeling of “togetherness”.

3. Set up remote access to connect to your work computer. Have your extension forwarded to your phone.

4. Along with staying in touch, Facebook features groups where people discuss mutual interests. search for a group that may interest you and sign up.

5. Sell on ebay! Social distancing will stir online sales at some point and ebay has a community feel to it. Find old clothes and knick knacks taking up space and put them up for auction.