Author/Consultant Jeremiah L. Byerley
Jeremiah Byerley is a technical consultant & author who helps individuals and businesses develop the confidence and habits they need to be competitive in the information age. Jeremiah has unique insight in California’s South Coast working for companies such as Santa Barbara’s Higher Octave Music and Ojai’s Lynda.com with a wealth of international experience consulting for EMI, Activision, IDIMedia (Blaylock & Company), Anysoft and a contributor for online syndication company, Storyful. The news & tutorials on this site feature articles written by Mr. Byerley and curated selections. For consultations requests, please contact Jeremiah.

You can remove Cortana from Windows 10, but it’s tricky

Just turning off Cortana is easy. Removing her completely is hard. Travis wanted Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant for Windows 10, out of his PC once and for all. He’s probably not alone, so I figured I’d detail exactly how to perform a Cortana-ectomy. This procedure was done on the latest build of Windows 10, which […]

How To Add “Convert to JPG” To Mac’s Context Menu

How To Add “Convert to JPG” To Mac’s Context Menu BYTE — I found a great way to convert Mac-native PNG files and other image types (including PICT, TIFF, BMP, GIF, JPEG2 and single page PDFs, among others) into JPEG. Here’s how to add the item Convert to JPG to the Context menu on the […]

Twenty Useful Mac tips

Macs are more popular than ever before, and with people still making the switch from Windows to Apple’s OS for the first time there can be a lot to take in. With that in mind here’s 10 tips we think will come in handy during day-to-day use of your MacBook or iMac. 1. Take a […]

Free speech and conforming to global standards

Ricky Gervais tweeted that defending free speech is conflated to being "non-pc" alt-right in todays standards. His criticism certainly will…

Is Apple’s big move with Amazon, Sony, Vizio and Samsung taking it backwards?

Apple has been quietly making moves to hide it’s not-so-surprising slumping sales. The iconic retailer has declined to releases it’s…

Blockchain and why it can save music

There are a lot of conversations about blockchain on the internet, mostly in reference to bitcoin, banking or that it’s…

What to Look for in Your Facebook Data — and How to Find It

You’ve likely heard by now about Cambridge Analytica, the shadowy, Trump-affiliated data analysis firm that reportedly siphoned off information belonging to…

Does your brain trust belong to the cloud?

The Cambridge Analytica information breach of your facebook data has shown us the future of storing private data on the…