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Jeremiah’s mini lasagna recipe

All from Trader Joes: One jar Tomato basil marinara One bag quarto formaggio Box of oven baked Lasagna noodles Broccoli (the devil's vegetable can be supplemented by the green and red peppers for JP) Cauliflower Bag of peppers red, yellow and green bells. Amy’s...

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Installing Windows 10 on an external USB drive on a Macbook

The use of propriety SSD’s on MacBooks limits the amount of space to dual boot Windows and MacOS on the same hard drive. Wouldn’t it be nice to boot windows from an inexpensive, fast USB 3.0 drive? Contrary to Apple and Microsoft, this can be done simply. This guide...

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Blockchain and why it can save music

There are a lot of conversations about blockchain on the internet, mostly in reference to bitcoin, banking or that it’s simply “the future”. Block chain is too complex to explain for the scope of this article so let’s focus on one simple feature: it allows...

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