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As we use different passwords in different browsers, it can be hard to track down which browser has the stored password. Perhaps you’ve decided to move to a new computer or browser and you’d like to move 100% of your settings, This guide is going to help you tame  your browser passwords!

Going from Chrome to Safari is relatively easy. Importing your chrome data, such as saved passwords, into the Safari using the Chrome password manager feature. There is a great utility to import passwords into almost any browser. To do so, there is a bit of a juggle between a few browsers, we will also need to install Firefox as Safari does not import passwords directly from Chrome. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome and go to: chrome://flags/#password-import-export (This will enable importing and exporting your currently stored Chrome data like your passwords)
  2. Next, go to Chrome > Settings > Passwords (it can take a bit for the list to load)
  3. Find the section labeled “Saved Passwords” and select “Export now” and save the file on your desktop.
  4. Open a new terminal window, navigate to your desktop and enter the following command: “cat | awk -F ‘,’ ‘{print $2″,”$3″,”$4}’ > passwords-prepared.csv”
  5. Open the password-prepared.csv file with a text editor. You must change its first line:  “url,username,password” to “# Generated by Password Exporter; Export format 1.0.4; Encrypted: false” (this step will change the Chrome saved password into a suitable format for the Safari browser as well as any other browser that uses the Firefox format)
  6. The previous step generates an appropriate password file but Firefox removed the password import tool. Install the Firefox extension extension named Password Exporter (
  7. To import them into into Firefox, open Firefox, go to Preferences > Security > Import/Export Passwords. Then import the password file you created on the desktop in the above steps.
  8. To import them into into Safari, open Safari, go to “File”, select “Import From” and then press “Passwords”.

Your Chrome passwords will have been successfully transferred into Firefox & Safari.