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All from Trader Joes:

One jar Tomato basil marinara
One bag quarto formaggio
Box of oven baked Lasagna noodles
Broccoli (the devil’s vegetable can be supplemented by the green and red peppers for JP)
Bag of peppers red, yellow and green bells.
Amy’s Goddess dressing
Better than bullion (vegetable)
Olive oil
Jack cheese
Fresh basil (you can go “Frozen” on all the other veggies here and save some $$ with combo packs, you can use canola blend oils, but you CAN NOT not use fresh basil)
2 Lemons Fresh garlic

Sauté all veggies (yes garlic too) in oil, and salt to taste with the soup bullion UNDER SALT, the cheese added later will be VERY salty and when mixed and it will be too much/inedible
Cube tofu, put in a separate pan, mix Goddess dressing into tofu, when you taste the tofu it should taste like a light tofu salad, use a TINY bit of bullion to salt the tofu “ricottas” REMEMBER ricotta is light and at not very salty. Add oil.

Let tofu cook on a light flame, mix a bit let cook for about 5 min or so .
Oil a baking pan or use ramekins as pictured
Place a layer of the noddles on the bottom of pan and put a small layer of the marinara sauce.
Drop on the tofu layer, put a layer of jack cheese , then some basil and some lemon juice
Place another layer of noddles then the layer of veggies Pour rest of sauce, add more basil and then the quarto fermaggio cheese. Kinda add in the basil IN the cheese Top with lemon juice
Bake at 400 on the top rack. check in 20 min to make sure the top layer of basil and cheese is not not burning. Bake for another 20 and pull it

LET IT COOL (up to 20 minutes!) you cannot skip this,