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gotop is my new favorite linux command. I shamelessly have it running on all my servers & Macbook, it displays the CPU usage along with, disk usage, memory, temperature, network usage and processes. Yes kiddos, it’s the whole enchilada and it looks cool AF.

For linux, download gotop for your architecture here:

If you don’t know, you likely want gotop_3.0.0_darwin_amd64.tgz, but hey – check first.

Example for ‘gotop_3.0.0_darwin_amd64.tgz’ for Intel and AMD 64 bit processors:
1. Open a terminal
2. cd ~/
3. Type ‘wget’
4. Type ‘tar zxvf gotop_3.0.0_darwin_amd64.tgz’
5. Type ‘sudo install gotop /usr/local/bin/’
6. Type ‘gotop’ – watch it run
7. Watch impression on friends lol.