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Video has moved to the network! NewTek’s NDI (Network Device Interface) is quickly becoming the new standard for video professionals. it is simpler and less expensive to legacy standards such as SMPTE. NDI is a development platform offered to any 3rd party developer. Software or hardware developed with NDI is interoperable between vendors. The secret to NDI is NewTek’s CODEC; countless development hours were invested crafting this efficient piece of code in machine language. NDI is faster and requires less CPU time than any other professional video solution. NewTek says a slower, older PC can process hundreds of frames per second of HD video.

Some of the many reason to move to NDI from older standards such as SDI include:

  • Using gigabit switches, cat6 cabling and free utilities from NewTek, the low cost of entry is impossible to pass up.
  • Dual streams for high resolution and low resolution built in the codec, wow.
  • NDI works on anything with an IP. With the right configuration you can broadcast to any screen on the internet in a few clicks.
  • Supported, NDI is gaining 3rd party support from heavy weight vendors such as: Adobe, Panasonic, Avid, Birddog and more.
  • A soft migration from SDI. Many application are now supporting NDI and SDI. With NDI’s low cost barrier to entry, it’s easy to add in your workflow without starting from scratch!

From big to small NDI as a lot to offer in the field of processional video. Take a look at Newtek’s free tools and see for yourself!