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The Cambridge Analytica information breach of your facebook data has shown us the future of storing private data on the cloud, if its on the internet, the data can be accessed.

Facebook has had little actual financial backlash from a breach of data, as I write this, their stock is up. This is a breach of data so large it it allowed another nation to peer into the phyche of the American public and influence our elections.

What if this had been your cloud stored data? What if your iCloud notes, with potentially more weaponizing information, had been leaked to a country aimed at degrading our democratic values?

We have no laws or regulations to hold these companies accountable to what amounts to the largest brain trust theft in history.

A data security breach has the potential to change the course of a nation and as a nation we are blindly behind in understanding the fundamentals of managing our privacy. Our phones have become huge data entry devices harvesting financial information, corporate information and our most intimate secrets.

Is it fiction to believe targeting a CEO of a companies data could potentially harvest enough information to bring a company to jeopardy? What about targeting an entire engineering team over time and harvesting massive amounts of paid research & development?

Is our flawed understanding of where our data in actually stored “up there” undermining our personal lives? Ultimately the future belongs to those who secure there brain trust and not rely on the ease of such services as iCloud, GMail & Office 365 for collecting ideas.

As we have seen with the Facebook data breach, all data on the cloud will ultimately will be public data. Companies and individual with good data security plans with have the edge in the future of the free economy.