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Your small computer or laptop may be upgradable with an M.2 slot. Many machine have one of these ports for adding an SSD to a computer but you can also use them for upgrading hardware on our computer like wi-fi cards. M.2 was also called Next-Generation Form Factor or NGFF.

To make things a little confusing, M.2 has different connector slots, A, B, E & M. When purchasing a new card it’s important to know what your computer supports. In the picture above, the slot on the left is what they call a key E and on the right, key B.

Below is a list of what each key type card can support. This can take the mystery out of what you many want to install in your computer without opening the box.

Key A supports USB 2.0, PCIe x2, Cell cards, DisplayPort, SSD, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, key B does USB 2.0 + 3.0, PCIe x2, PCM, cell, SSD, audio, UART, SDIO, DisplayPort, I2C, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, key E handles USB 2.0, PCIe x2, Cell cards, UART, SDIO, PCM, SSD, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth and finally with M, PCIe V4 & SATA.

To make sure the card you purchase fits your computer, look up your model first. Have fun upgrading!