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We are in a pandemic and mental health has become a part of the conversation. If you are feeling extra out of focus and experiencing a sense of overwhelming pressure, it might be mental health related; this can happen to anyone and your situation is unique to you – talk to a trained professional and reach out to your community.
These recommendations are for Southern and Central California, specifically Ojai & San Diego, where I am from. There are resources in your area for sure. Text NAMI to 741741 and basque in ask.

  • Call your insurance company and inquire if they cover mental health, if they outsource or do not cover.
  • Many insurance companies outsource to a managed mental health group. These groups frequently have phone counseling that can be contacted same-day. Explain the severity of what you are feeling – this is a safe space, they are listing to place you with the correct professional.
  • If you do not have insurance, contact NAMI. NAMI can direct you to organizations that work on a sliding scale – pro-bono as well. Often you will work the same local doctors and councils that you would receive with insurance. If your area does not have NAMI, contact the national organization. Many NAMI groups in small towns are ran out of private residences.
  • I recommend both, however NAMI is a better resource than 211.
  • Most national counseling hotlines are iffy. If you feel like you are not heard, you are likey not. Cut your losses and move on. NAMI’s national hotline is good, call and ask for local “warm line” numbers, contact your insurance company and ask for managed mental health couciling number.
  • Peer conversations. San Diego and Santa Barbara county have extended mental health resources as well, in San Diego call the warm line at 800-930-9276. Do not have a mental health experience in Ventura county if you can help it LOL (see, don’t get “Lockleared” above). The Ventura NAMI number is 805-500-6264.
  • Chill out friends and family, good medicine. If your loved ones explain away your experiences, they likely care about you but do not believe things that are invisible; this is common – move on, be grateful it’s not flat earth theory.

Create a routine, I recommend talking councilor once a week for six weeks initially. Same day, same time.

Peer conversations are good and can help you not feel crazy. Not to wish away your story raincloud, but they often lead to laughter over shared experiences.

After seeing a professional, contact NAMI for peer resources. Get a plan together with your doctor and councilor, talk to peeps that can witness your experience; These weekly addtions will soon disappear into your regular routine.


The NAMI national is hotline 800-950-NAMI or text NAMI to 741741

Santa Barbara, call SBBH 805-681-0035
The Ventura county hotline is 805-500-6264, so —- um. They can recommend some resources, I’d recommend calling SBBH. Ojai has private NAMI groups in lieu of an office. See “don’t get Lockleared” above.
San Diego NAMI, 619-543-1434, best of the best.
San Diego warm line, 800-930-9276, I volunteered here for a bit, good people – the warm line is for locals only.
I found a little known phone warm line in LA for peer counseling and local resources 877-910-9276. Angelenos only.
I’ve heard there are apps for counseling as well – I have not tried these. Any recommendations?