I am a Thinkpad enthusiast. The hardware on these devices made Windows a pleasure to work with, I came across a few pictures of these early IBM track-point keyboards and I had to share!

IBM Model M13 black version with buckling springs

IBM SpaceSaver II with gripping rubber domes

IBM KPD8923 Keyboard, 104-Key Trackpoint with some super smooth IMHO high quality rubber domes

ThinkPad USB Keyboard with TrackPoint with decent quality rubber domes

Nothing fancy as these are just stock keyboards.
Now I only have the ThinkPad USB Keyboard with TrackPoint, I enjoy using it, but as I use more shortcuts nowadays during my work flow, I don’t have to touch my mouse so often now.
Ah, one thing: it would be nice if I can try the “inverted rubber domes” of the IBM M4-1 keyboard.

I am more recently starting to get into mechanical switches, and found out that I should be more of a Topre switch person because I like the tactile bump and I am also definitely spoiled by the super comfortable cushioning of the rubber dome switches.


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