I have had requests for a guide that uses an internal SD CARD to boot a full version of Windows 10 that did not require Win clone. It seemed near impossible however I was able to pull it together and it works very nice. All the MacBook/Apple keys work, the back-light on the keyboard works, and if you use a high speed SD Card it feels like Windows 10 Running off you internal hard drive.

See video below:

So super cool! Requires:

– 1 Micro SD card size 32GB or Larger, 64GB recommended
– 1 Micro SD card adapter, half depth card reader recommended
– 1 License of Windows 10 or download a demo version of Windows 10

and the new guide.

Guide only $10, guide with 7 days install only support $25, $50 for The PRO version with 15 days install support that shows how to copy existing Windows 10 Bootcamp partitions to an SD Card and boot or use my free guide that shows you how to install Windows 10 to an external USB hard drive. Have your hard drive space back on your Macbook, run Windows 10 internally

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